The process described is a new plant for cleaning of aluminium extrusion dies in a more ecological, faster and fully automatic way compared to conventional methods commonly in use.

The new process guarantees that the caustic soda solution used for dissolving the aluminium metal inside the dies is always transferred into an holding tank  before any opening of the covers of the treatment tank, so that no caustic soda fumes will be released in the working environment or outside.

During the cleaning phase (treatment) the process is “fumes free” since hydrogen and caustic fumes are exhausted through a “hood” and separately treated (via a fumes washing scrubber).

All process parameters have been carefully studied, from the mechanical agitation of the solution through pumps till a very specific range of temperatures, so to allow more reliable and faster operations than the conventional methods.

The entire plant is automatically operated by a programmable PLC so that the intervention by the operators is minimized and basically limited to loading and unloading.

The plant can be integrated by additional technologies, such as the recovery of caustic soda from the cleaning solution till a dissolver for solid caustic soda.