About Us

Since 1974 Italtecno’s efforts have been dedicated to the development of innovative methods for the aluminium extrusion, anodizing  and powder coating industries in order to improve quality, productivity, safety, ecology and to reduce costs. As regards the anodizing industry these efforts have taken place on:

  • Technologies for the cleaning of dies for aluminium extrusion
  • Horizontal and vertical powder coating plants
  • The design and key-turn delivery of anodizing plants and equipment
  • The development and selling of a complete line of chemical products for anodizing and coating
  • The continuous technical and chemical service to the Customers
  • The growing dedication to in-house research and development

Thanks to this fully integrated approach and the research of a team of experts, Italtecno can now propose a full set of modern technologies that can be applied for totally new anodizing installations as well as for modernization project of existing lines.